Thursday, 7 June 2018

'Appy Hour at The Flying Pig (Olympic Village)

B and I have been on a Happy Hour binge lately. Our latest visit was to The Flying Pig, where we've been for brunch and dinner before. It's always been solid: good service and good food.

It's amazing how different food is when served at Happy Hour and at Dinner. When we visited during Dinner, the Truffled Jumbo Macaroni was delicious and left you wanting more. During Happy Hour, it was bland and average. There was a good amount of it though, so you'll definitely be full.

B liked the Beef Carpaccio, but I thought the greens on top made it too bitter and overpowered the flavour from the beef.

I don't know why I keep doing this, but it's never a good deal to order a Meat & Cheese Board at a restaurant unless you know they cure their own meats. Based on the selection, I would've been better off going to Costco and getting a variety pack.

The Beef Short Rib Croquette was fine. I actually thought we ordered the Mac n' Cheese Bites from Dubh Linn Gate because the texture of the Croquettes were gooey and not meaty at all.

When these P.E.I. Mussels arrived, B's first words were "This must be the smallest serving of mussels I've ever seen." One of them was closed too, so we couldn't eat it. But we got 2-3 each. They were fine, we were just disappointed that they didn't catch the closed (dead) one.

Overall, we think Brunch and Dinner is good at The Flying Pig, but wouldn't return for Happy Hour.

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Monday, 4 June 2018

Rustique Bistro

For dinner on the second night, we were originally going to go to Tuscany, but was told nothing was available for two people. I didn't really want to eat pasta anyway, so we decided to go to Rustique.

As we've been drinking beer all day, we weren't really hungry, so we ordered an appetizer and a main dish to share.

For appetizer, we ordered the French Paté. As you can see, it's quite obvious that they had store-bought paté, which is kind of disappointing. Don't get me wrong, I love the Freybe paté that you can find at local grocery stores, but if you're going to be an upscale restaurant, you should make your own paté.

For the main, we ordered the Bouillabaisse. I would never normally order Bouillabaisse because I'm not a fan of tomato soup. But we saw another couple eating mussels and clams and really enjoying the sauce, so I thought they ordered the Bouillabaisse and was really enjoying it. I was wrong. They ordered the daily special, was which a seafood salad.

The Bouillabaisse was not a good dish at all. The tomato broth was bland, the vegetables undercooked, the potatoes overcooked, the shellfish gritty, and the cod was so rubbery neither of us got past the first bite. The only thing I liked was the bread on top. This restaurant has a 4.5/5 star rating on Google, but if it weren't on Bowen Island, it'd probably be more like a 1/5 star rating.

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Doc Morgan's Pub & Restaurant

For lunch on the second day, we were still quite full from the breakfast, so first we went to Bowen Island Pub to get a couple pints then, we went to Doc Morgan's for another beer and appetizers if we felt like eating.

One thing we noticed about Doc Morgan's is that it's the only restaurant so far that had good service. The server was attentive and on the ball. If you make eye contact, they will acknowledge you. We went to the Bowen Island Pub, the service was horrendous. You try to make eye contact with the server, and you do, but then she just walks off and you can't order or ask for anything.

We started with two beers and then we noticed all the other guests ordering the Famous Wings. We decided we also had to try it, if everyone else was. We ordered the Honey Garlic wings.

B was skeptical at first - just because you call something famous, doesn't make it good. But he admitted he was wrong after taking a bite. We think it must have been cooked over a flame, because the skin had that crispy exterior of a flame-cooked wing. The sauce was real honey and garlic, not some pre-made sauce. There were also huge chunks of blue cheese in the sauce. We were quite impressed.

Loved the service and the wings. We will definitely return if we ever come back to Bowen Island.

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The Snug Café

For breakfast the morning after we arrived we went to The Snug Café, again because of the good ratings and the because it was actually open for breakfast. It was really busy, full of people who are trying to catch a bite before the ferry. We were told we would wait 20 minutes for our breakfast.

After all the meat I've been eating, I thought I'd go with the Buttered Spinach Eggs Benedict. That was a mistake. Hollandaise sauce is buttery to begin with, so spinach drenched in butter shouldn't be offered as an option. The butter in the spinach was very overwhelming, to the point I couldn't even taste the lemon juice in the sauce. Everything just tasted like butter.

The potatoes on the side were kind of mushy and didn't have the crispy edges that you look for in hashbrowns. The egg was cooked well though, and still runny.

B ordered the Full English Breakfast, which included two eggs, hashbrowns, toast, and a choice of sausage, bacon, ham or roasted tomato & mushrooms. B asked for his eggs cooked sunny side up and chose bacon. B didn't like his breakfast at all. He said the toast was not toasted, the bacon overcooked, and the eggs not cooked consistently (one was runny, one was not).

Overall, it did the job, but we didn't want to return the next day. We decided we'd rather wait and go to Starbucks after taking the ferry back to Vancouver.

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Barcelona Tapas & Wine Bar

This past weekend, we went to Bowen Island for a weekend getaway. We decided to go to Barcelona because it was well reviewed and opened late. We tried a couple Spanish beers, a few of the tapas, and one large plate.

I had the Alhambra, which is a pale lager, and B had the Estrella Damm Barcelona, which is also a lager. Both were fine lagers and solid house beers.

The Lengua de Res (beef tongue) came first. The beef itself wasn't very flavourful but was tender and had good mouth feel. The alioli had strong onion flavour, but not in a bad way. The toast was a little burnt and very noticeably bitter.

Next came the Chipirones a la Plancha (baby squid), which was fine. The squid didn't have the crunch that fresh squid normally has and the peppers lacked flavour, but the dish as a whole worked well together and B really enjoyed it.

The last tapas we ordered was the Atún y Romesco en Pan (albacore tuna), which was pretty good. If we had to be picky, we would ask that the bread be toasted.

For the large plate, we ordered the Filete de Flanco con Mojo Verde (flank steak). I didn't research what mojo verde was, and just assumed it was some kind of green herby sauce. It was minty, which threw me off. I'm not a big fan of mint in anything except for cocktails or toothpaste, so I didn't really like the sauce, but B liked it. Once I scraped the sauce off, the steak itself was cooked to a perfect medium rare. It was tender for a flank steak and well seasoned. The accompanying brussel sprouts and potatoes were very buttery and salty, but I couldn't stop eating them.

Overall, we had a good experience. With the limited choice on the island, we would return if we're in Snug Cove again.

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Thursday, 12 April 2018

Revisit: Torafuku

I know we said we weren't going to return to Torafuku unless it's for a special occasion, but my mother saw my Instagram pictures and wanted to try it out. We ordered a few of the same dishes because they were really good: Lucky Dumplings, Big Bad Beans, and Gone Fishin' (Seabream). Then we also ordered some new ones to try.

First up, Taco 'Bout Awesome are duck tacos. The duck was cooked perfectly and we really liked the freshness of the vegetables. It also had a bit of heat to it. We loved and hated that it was overloaded with filling. Loved it because it was fresh, hated it because it was super messy to eat. Each taco only comes with one tortilla, so we had to order two, which came out to $24 for this light appetizer.

Next, I ordered The 3 Amigos for us because I knew the dishes won't be very filling, and my father would probably want some carbs to fill him up. I think we ended up having about a bite and a half each. The grains were cooked really well and the risotto had great flavour to it overall. The guanciale was a nice addition. My parents don't really like cheese, but enjoyed the crispiness of the parmasan.

I had wanted to try The Steak Out last time, so I took this opportunity to do so. Wagyu beef is supposed to be so tender it melts in your mouth (we had that as our last meal when we were in Japan). Although the beef was tender, it didn't really melt in my mouth. Also, like the duck we had the other day, it seemed that it wasn't sous vided long enough to really break down the fat and tendons. Great flavour and sides though, and I particularly enjoyed the spicy rice crispy coating on the potato.

Last comes The Mussel Man, which came with a side Chinese Puff Pastry for an extra $4. The Puff Pastry is like those scallion pancakes you find at Szechuan style restaurants, except without the scallion. This was the weakest dish of the bunch. Although the sauce was really good, especially with the Puff Pastry to dip in, the mussels were overcooked and chewy.

Overall, my parents really enjoyed the food. Though they didn't have to pay for dinner, they expressed concern over how pricey all the dishes were. If you want your Chinese parents to boast about their wonderful child for bringing them to this "貴夾唔飽" place to their friends, it might be a good place to bring them for a special occasion. As for B and I, we will likely not be returning for a very long while.

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Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Bodega On Main

Easter Weekend Part 2 - Happy Hour at Bodega On Main. We passed by Bodega on our way to and from Torafuku the day before and thought - we should try that next. Conveniently enough, we had a movie to catch at 7pm, so Happy Hour until 6pm was perfect for us. The price was also appealing.

We both ordered the Bodega Lager, which was a huge disappointment. B believes that, in this city and neighbourhood, no one should be serving bad beer anymore. Plus, we would've been happy with a good brew at $2 off. But paying $5 for garbage was a turn off.

First there was the Patatas Bravas (fried potatoes). Although the sauce was pretty good, by completely submerging the potatoes in sauce, the twice fried potatoes lost their crispiness. What's the point of frying the potatoes twice if there's no crunch to the finished dish?

The Jamón Serrano (cured ham) was also completely soaked, but in olive oil. There's not much I can say about the ham itself - it kind of reminded me of the prosciutto you get at Costco. I liked how the olive oil really balances the saltiness of the ham, but it was A LOT of oil. I think a simple drizzle would have sufficed.

We were quite disappointed with the Calamares Fritos (deep fried squid). Though the squid itself was great - good texture, you can eat it in bites - the batter was bland and boring.

The Pollo Frito (fried chicken wings) was as expected. You really can't ruin chicken wings. The fried skin had great texture to it and the meat was moist and cooked well.

Lastly, there's the Albóndigas (meatballs). The sauce was rich and the meat fell apart, but it tasted good. I was glad it came with the potatoes because the fried crispy texture of the potatoes helped balance out the softness of the meatballs.

Overall, we weren't impressed with the Happy Hour at Bodega; however, since our friends think so highly of it, we will give their regular menu a try one day. We would not recommend Happy Hour though: food and service was mediocre, but the atmosphere was great.

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Tuesday, 10 April 2018


Last weekend, we had the luxury of statutory holidays to give us a chance to go out and eat again. We decided we should try the restaurants in our neighbourhood, now that we've been there about a year. First up, Torafuku.

My initial impression was that it was too hipster for us. The Asian Fusion style always turned me off. My brother told me the backstory, about how it started as a food truck, and that the food was good, so I decided we should probably give it a try.

Their happy hour is $2 off cocktails until 7pm, so naturally, I had to have a cocktail. On the left is B's People's Cocktail, made of Beefeater Gin, cucumber, elderflower, ginger, and lemon. The cucumber was quite refreshing. On the right is my Green Lambo, made of cardamom infused el Jimador tequila, Cointreau, basil syrup, white pepper syrup, and lime juice. I usually pick anything with lime juice in it, add cardamom, and that's my perfect drink.

First we had the Lucky Dumplings, a vegetarian dish made of eggplant, spinach, oysters, and tomatoes. I'm typically not a fan of vegetarian food, but if every vegetarian dish had the texture and flavours of these dumplings, I might consider being a vegetarian. The umami of the mushrooms, the thinness of the wrappers, and the complexity of the sauce made this dish a winner.

Next we had the Bun Me, which was slow braised ox tail sandwich between a steamed bun. The ox tail really reminded me of the the ox tail soup my aunt used to make; it tasted like my childhood. Although it fit perfectly in the bun, it was a bit too rich and I wanted more slaw and coriander. It was a good bun, but I wanted more freshness to it.

B wanted more vegetables, so we also ordered the Big Bad Beans. I was hesitant about it at first, because it was just beans, but when it arrived, the aroma from being fried in the wok really hits you in the face. The fried shallots were pungent, but in a good way. It was B's favourite dish of the night - perfectly seasoned and contains "wok hei" (breath of the wok).

Then comes the meat! The Donald stood out for me because, to be honest, it was the cheapest of the meats, and I very rarely have duck. We had a hard time finding the shaved foie gras, and the tendons didn't seem to have cooked down enough. Though the meat was very tender, you had to eat the entire slice of duck at once because the tendons made it difficult to eat in bites. Otherwise, it was very well seasoned and the meat itself was cooked perfectly.

Lastly, because we were still quite hungry after the other four dishes, so we decided to order the Gone Fishin'. It wasn't exactly what we'd imagined it would look like, but it was cooked well and had great flavour. It even came with a bucket for bones.

Overall, we really liked Torafuku. Every dish was solid, the service was professional and prompt, and we enjoyed ourselves. It's a little on the pricey side, so we would likely only return on special occasions and not just a regular lazy night out.

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Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Banh Mi Quest: Au Petit Cafe

What's a Banh Mi Quest without a visit to Au Petit Cafe?

Au Petit was where I had my first Banh Mi. Every person I've ever talked to loves Au Petit's sandwiches. They were B's favourite when I first brought him there.

Unfortunately, when we visited this past Sunday, Au Petit's Banh Mi did not live up to expectations.

Cost per Sandwich: $5.75
Bread: 2/5 - I remember when I used to go to Au Petit and they'd be sold out of bread on a weekday. Perhaps they're making more bread these days and not selling out, because this bread was tough and tasted stale.
Sauce: 4/5 - The one thing that kept up its standard. The sauce was creamy, flavourful, and there were lots of it.
Filling: 3/5 - The filling has a good crunch to it, but there was not enough and it need more pickling.
Meat: 3/5 - There was plenty of chicken and it was very flavourful, but it could be more moist.
Value: 2/5 - The price has gone up but the quality has gone down. I don't think it's B's favourite Banh Mi anymore.

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Monday, 19 March 2018

Banh Mi Quest: Kim Châu Deli

When we were on our way to Pho Thai Hoa last time, we passed by Kim Châu Deli.

There was a picture of a sandwich etched on their window, so we thought their sandwiches must be good. Unfortunately, we were wrong, and though their sandwiches are averagely priced, we won't be returning.

Cost per Sandwich: $4.25
Bread: 2/5 - The bread was dry and tasted stale, but at least it doesn't scratch or hurt our mouths when we eat it.
Sauce: 2/5 - We can see the sauce and taste the moisture, but there was absolutely no flavour to it.
Filling: 2/5 - The vegetables had good texture and amount, but needed more pickling.
Meat: 1/5 - They didn't have shredded chicken, so it was hard to compare. We ordered both roasted pork and shredded pork because we didn't know which one would be the most similar. The roasted pork was very heavily salted and the shredded pork was mixed with something that gave it a strange flavour. There was also not enough meat in both sandwiches.
Value: 2/5 - The sandwiches were cheap comparatively, but not very good.

On a side note, they have a major packaging operation running and we might return to try something else.

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