Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Watermark Wine & Tapas Bar

With the lack of choices around, we stopped at Watermark both nights for dinner.

We weren't that hungry the first night so we just ordered the Queso Fundido, which is just a dip made with a bunch of cheese and peppers, served with bread and tortilla chips.

This was delicious but very rich. The pepper added a nice kick to it, but you definitely have to share it to really enjoy it.

Tonight we had the house special rack of ribs. They were served with corn bread.

The BBQ sauce was likeable and they were decently prepared. The meat didn't fall off the bone, which was unfortunate, but the corn bread was extremely delicious.

Then we had the Prosciutto Wrapped Pacific Ling Cod. This was served with brown butter, sage and white bean purée and white wine and butter sautéed organic kale.

We thought that each element by itself was lacking - the prosciutto ling cod was too salty and the white bean purée was too bland. Turns out, all you have to do is to take a leaf of kale and wrap the cod and bean in it and then eat it in one bite. Once you do that, it was really well balanced. One thing we thought was unnecessary and could probably be replaced by portobello mushroom or something more flavourful.

As dessert we had the hazelnut chocolate torte. It was served warm, with raspberry sauce and fresh strawberries.

This was absolutely delicious. It had a pronounced hazelnut flavour and the fresh strawberries really help balance the richness of the cake.

Overall, we were impressed. Our server recognized us from our first night and was very professional. We would definitely recommend and obviously return.

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