Thursday, 30 January 2014

Central Bistro - Dine Out 2014

On Monday we went to Central Bistro in the west end for another Dine Out. It was quite busy while we were there, which seemed like a good sign. Unfortunately it wasn't a great experience. It was the slowest service I had ever experienced, luckily we had a good group of people, so it didn't seem as slow as it was.

For starters, I had the White Bean & Wild Boar Bacon Spread on a grilled baguette. It was good, but didn't blow me away.

G had the Red Truck Salt Spring Island Mussels in a chorizo, tomato, basil, garlic, onion, chipotle & Red Truck lager broth. A few people at the table had this, and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Unfortunately it took about an hour for all the appetizers to come.

After another 45 minute wait, we received our main courses, and we both had the 8oz Sterling Silver Steak & Frites. It was fine. The fries were very tasty, great flavor and perfectly crunchy, and the steak was well cooked but lacked seasoning. 

Someone else at the table ordered the chicken, which arrived cold and overcooked - very dry. 

After another 45 minute wait, we received our desserts. We ordered the Dark Chocolate Lava Cake. Now, it was quite good, but it was not a lava cake. With a lava cake you expect a runny, gooey, warm chocolate centre. This did not have it. It was either cooked wrong, or simply made wrong. So while it tasted fine, it was a disappointment. 

On the plus side, they did have a decent whiskey menu for a small restaurant, so going for drinks only might be an option. 

Overall the food was fine, but nothing special, and the service was awful. Our dinner took almost 3 hours. We will not be eating at Central Bistro again.

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