Sunday, 29 June 2014


This German restaurant was recommended to us by my supervisor as well as our B&B host. It's a cute little place with two dining areas: fine dining or pub and garden. We chose the pub and garden.

We made reservations so were seated promptly. We ordered the bruschetta and the pork hock.

The bruschetta came quite quickly. The flavours were well balanced and it was still warm.

The pork hock took longer than I'd like. But when it arrived, I understood. It was REALLY big. For a $20 dish, I was expecting something half the size. I think four people could comfortably share this.

The pork hock came with a side of cabbage, which went really well with the rich, fatty meat. It was tasty, but really rich and needed a bit of acidity from the cabbage to balance it out.

Overall, will recommend and will return - but will probably not order the pork hock unless I'm with a bunch of people.

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