Saturday, 28 June 2014

Hope Drive-In Restaurant

On our way to the Okanagan, so we decided to stop at Hope for lunch. This drive in was rated well, so we thought it'd be a better choice than McD's. It was.

It's a cute little diner - probably family run. The service was quick and professional.

We had two coffees and their "super burger" - why visit a place if you don't try what their specials?

We told them we'd just split the burger and they split them on two plates for us. That was a plus, I thought, since most places would just bring you an extra plate. I liked their thoughtfulness.

The burger was indeed super. Double patties, double cheese, it was enormous.

I really feel like we got bang for our buck.

Would recommend for a stop by and will probably return if I ever pass the area during lunch again.

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